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The Great Reset Eliminates Currency And Private Property

This time in history has been predicted for centuries, even in The Bible (“Mark Of The Beast 666“).

There is a plan underway right now, we will call it “The Global Digital Financial Reset”, which will control every human being on planet earth. Unless you want to live in a cave and survive off the land, you will be forced to submit to “THE MARK OF THE BEAST 666”.

You have reached a source of information that is in the process of challenging this diabolical plan.

If you are not knowledgeable in the Digital World, this site will help you. We will attempt to bring the technical aspects down to more common terminology.

This challenge will be one or more “PRIVATE CRYPTOCURRENCIES” that will be out of the control of “THE BEAST 666”, “THE GLOBALIST NWO”, “THE INTERNATIONAL BANKING SYSTEM”, and other names they call themselves.

Strap yourself in, it will be a bumpy ride !!!.


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