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Internet Computer Protocol Review

The ICP Technology, Community, and Ecosystem

The release of the EU subnet enables developers and enterprises to build GDPR-compliant applications on the Internet Computer.

The Internet Computer blockchain takes a first step towards digital sovereignty in Europe
The release of the EU subnet enables developers and enterprises to build GDPR-compliant applications on the Internet Computer.
New WebAssembly Instrumentation
New Wasm instrumentation is implemented and rolled out on all the mainnet subnets and development environments. Learn what it improves.
Internet Computer Zero to Dapp Educate Series Summary
The Encode Club recently celebrated the successful conclusion of the ICP Zero to Dapp Educate Series!
Async-Friendly Performance Counter
Introducing a new performance counter on the Internet Computer to easily optimize async canister code
Hashing It Out On ICP:
Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake to Proof-of-Useful-Work
COP28: World’s first voluntary recycling credits initiative unveiled
An international consortium led by Roland Berger and BEEAH Group, in collaboration with DFINITY Foundation, and International Solid Waste…
How ckBTC Solves the Dilemma of Blockchain Bridges
Chain-Key Bitcoin(ckBTC) on the Internet Computer is part of a native integration with the Bitcoin network at the protocol level. This…
RuBaRu — a fully on-chain creator-consumer economy
RuBaRu embraces microservices and amplifies performance with DFX 0.15.0 queries to build an decentralized creator-consumer economy.
The DFINITY Foundation and SingularityNET launch joint AI Initiative
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Taking security seriously: two top ICP features assessed by Trail of Bits
Two top Internet Computer features — SNS DAOs and Chain-key Bitcoin (ckBTC) — were recently assessed by Trail of Bits, a leading technical…
Hackathon winners put top ICP features into practice
Recent hackathons hosted by the DFINITY Foundation welcome new developer talent, and a wave of innovative dapps…
Announcing the Zero to Dapp Educate Series — learn and build on the Internet Computer!
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ToyoWorld: A Digi Monster Universe on the Blockchain
Reinventing the long-cherished formula of gaming, ToyoWorld brings digital Monsters to the blockchain in a new way.
Index Canisters: Account-based search for ledgers on the Internet Computer
Index canisters enhance ledgers on the Internet Computer and allow dapps to quickly query the history of a ledger transaction loq…
Jumpstarting Your Internet Computer Developer Journey
Introducing a new tutorial series designed to take Web2 and Web3 developers alike from space cadets to astronauts building cool ICP dapps.
Claim free cycles to kick off your project on the Internet Computer
Cycles are used to pay for dApp hosting resources on the Internet Computer. All new developers are entitled to 20 trillion of them for…
Taurus Partners with DFINITY Foundation, Will Add Custody Support for ICP
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Global R&D: September 2023 Edition
This month’s edition brings you the winners of the vetKeys bounty contest, the sunset of the Service Worker, a new Ethereum RPC canister…
WebAssembly on the Internet Computer
DFINITY joins the newly launched WebAssembly Research Center at Carnegie Mellon University to further explore WebAssembly applications and…
Executive MBA students from Wharton meet the Internet Computer
As part of their curriculum, MBA students at Wharton make a stop on their Swiss tour at DFINITY to learn about the Internet Computer.
Securing cross-chain communication from Ethereum to the Internet Computer with an on-chain Light…
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The DFINITY Foundation Announces Partnership with the Municipality of Lugano and a $1 Million Fund…
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New P2P layer of the Internet Computer introduces QUIC for State Sync
The new P2P layer is tailored for state sync and uses the QUIC transport protocol, making it simpler, more performant and secure.
The DFINITY Foundation Joins the Blockchain Security Alliance for Enhanced Ecosystem Security
The DFINITY Foundation, a key contributor to the Internet Computer blockchain, Joins the Blockchain Security Alliance…
Weeding Out the Bugs with TLA+ Models
Today, DFINITY is open-sourcing all of its TLA+ models, plus publishing a comprehensive technical tutorial to help devs get started.
The Internet Computer: A blockchain that offers stateful decentralized serverless computing
A recent peer-reviewed article shows that the Internet Computer provides serverless computation comparable to existing cloud providers…
Internet Computer Added To Ledger Live!
We’re glad to announce that Internet Computer (ICP), a blockchain protocol that aims to decentralize the Internet, has just joined Ledger…
Why Bitcoin needs smart contracts
Adding a smart contract layer opens up new DeFi possibilities. Here’s an overview of projects bringing native smart contracts to Bitcoin.
DFINITY Foundation launches $5 million grant to support Decentralized AI on the Internet Computer…
July 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The DFINITY Foundation, a not-for-profit science and technology organization and major contributor to the…
Composite Queries: Horizontal Scaling for Multi Canister Dapps
A highly anticipated feature is coming to the Internet Computer: composite queries! This feature allows canisters to call other canisters…
AWS-Reliant Blockchains Won’t Bring Transparency to AI
Written by Dominic Williams, originally published in CoinDesk
Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and State Secretary for Research, Education and…
Swiss diplomats from FDFA and SERI spent a day at DFINITY headquarters exchanging insights with expert cryptographers and engineers on…
International students learn about the Internet Computer at Europe’s no.1 university for blockchain
Around 60 students from around the globe traveled to Switzerland to learn about the Internet Computer…
Unleashing the power of vetKeys — first public demo and developer bounties
vetKeys are underway to enable privacy-preserving applications on the Internet Computer. DFINITY unveils the first demo and offers…
French multinational, Sodexo BRS chooses Internet Computer for NFT launch
Sodexo BRS rebrands as Pluxee, and launches an exclusive employee engagement NFT collection on the Internet Computer…
Announcing the Motoko Dev Server: live-reloading for Web3 dapps
Introducing mo-dev, a flexible live-reload server for quickly building and testing Motoko services on the Internet Computer blockchain.
A Glimpse into Motoko and AgorApp embeddable IDE
Curious how to get started with building on the Internet Computer? In this article, we will review some of the reasons why Motoko came to…
Gaming and Metaverse — announcing the next edition of ICP.Lab for builders.
The DFINITY Foundation is hosting the gaming cohort of ICP.Lab at its headquarters in Zurich. Application submission is now open.
MotokoPilot: Harnessing AI to Empower the Motoko Development Community
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