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IMF working on "THE NEW BEGINNING" of currency

FED, USDC & Stellar: ULTIMATE Stablecoin Conspiracy!

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FED, USDC & Stellar: ULTIMATE Stablecoin Conspiracy!! 🔍

Nov 10, 2020


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🔥 TOP Crypto TIPS In My Newsletter 👉 🎁 For Traders: $140 Bonus + My $4k Comp 👉… 🛒 NEW: Check Out My Merch Store 👉 📲 Coin Bureau Insider Channel 👉 🐦 Follow Our Twitter 👉 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ – TIMESTAMPS – 0:00 Intro 2:26 IMF Meeting 7:37 The FED and CBDCs 9:00 USDC = CBDC? 13:10 CBDC blockchains 16:00 CBDC on Stellar? 18:36 CBDC Conspiracy 22:35 Final Thoughts ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ⛓️ 🔗 Useful Links 🔗 ⛓️ ► Dollarization Explained:… ► IMF Cross Border Payments Discussion ft. Stellar and Celo:… ► IMF Cross Border Payments Roadmap (4th discussion):… ► USDC 2.0:… ► Circle Sells Assets To Focus On Stablecoin Tech:… ► Panel Discussion from March 2019 ft. Stellar and the FED: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 👨‍💼IMF Meeting👨‍💼 The International Monetary Fund held a series of seminars on October 19th focused around building a roadmap for the “New Beginning” of currency. After being spooked by Libra, the IMF is scrambling to help governments around the world fast track their Central Bank Digital Currency initiatives. The IMF envisions a vast network of interoperable blockchains which will host these CBDCs. ⚖The FED and CBDCs⚖ Although over 80% of the world’s central banks are planning to develop a CBDC, the United States Federal Reserve has repeatedly stated that it has no plans to develop a CBDC. This is odd given that the US dollar is the world’s most popular currency – it is the world’s reserve currency. It might be possible that one of the reasons why the FED has no plans for a USD CBDC is because something similar to one already exists. 👀USDC = CBDC?👀 USDC is one of the top stablecoins and is the fastest growing stablecoin. Circle, the company which created it, joined forces with Coinbase in 2019 to create the Centre Consortium which focuses around the development and adoption of USDC. The Centre Consortium has been explicit in its intentions to work with governments around the world to provide the technology required to build CBDCs. Both Circle and Coinbase have also worked closely with governmental authorities in the United States, suggesting that USDC may be a precursor to the USD CBDC which will eventually be rolled out by the FED. 🔗CBDC Blockchains🔗 Governments and central banks around the world have been looking for the best blockchains for their future CBDCs. They are considering both private and public blockchains, including cryptocurrency blockchains. Given that cryptocurrency blockchains are probably much more efficient due to the intense competition in the space, it seems possible that they will triumph over other private sector alternatives. The fact that Celo and Stellar were asked to speak as panelists with the IMF further supports this possibility. 💰CBDC on Stellar?💰 During the recent IMF panel, Stellar CEO Denelle Dixon stated that Stellar is looking to provide blockchain services for the purpose of building CBDCs, and noted that USDC is the “glue” required to build CBDCs. USDC will be launching on Stellar in January 2021. In addition to speaking at the MF panel, Stellar co-founder Jed McCaleb also once shared the stage with Michael Warner, a member of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. During this discussion, Michael turned to Jed and asked him how he would build a CBDC on Stellar. 🕵️‍♂‍CBDC Conspiracy🕵️‍♂‍ Taken together, these facts suggest that USD CBDC will be built on Stellar using the Centre Consortium’s USDC stablecoin technology. This is assuming the January 2021 launch goes well. In the meantime, the United States may be benefitting from the increasing dominance of stablecoin use in the cryptocurrency space. USD stablecoins are the second most popular choice for cross border transfers after Bitcoin, and assuming their use has been increasing for this purpose, it could lead to dollarization while other countries drag their feet with their CBDCs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 📜 Disclaimer 📜 The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome. #Crypto #stablecoin #cbdc #stellar #usdc #conspiracy #xlm


Coin Bureau
Tin Foil Hat on! Glad you guys are liking the vid. Sorry about the sound, shooting in a temporary studio. Will keep you guys updated on part 3 though 😉 Be sure to signup to my newsletter and telegram for my thoughts on regular daily thoughts. My Newsletter 👉 Insider Channel 👉

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Ai Kiu
WEF – 2021: “The Great Reset.” WEF – 2030: “You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy”, “The US won’t be the world’s leading superpower.” It’s not a conspiracy when they tell you. Stellar video.




I’m balls deep on XLM. My only choice of crypto 😎




Sasha Avram
I stopped watching any TV, news and even Netflix because of your videos 🙂




White Goodman
Nice video, most important information you forgot to add is Stellar’s connection with IBM. The fed will be using world wire run on lumens. Fed bank of Atlanta. Australian goverment paid IBM 1 billion in 2018 to implement block chain and AI. MIT, you get the picture, research yourself. Fed are just keeping there cards close to the chest as they are in currency war. What covid 19 is all about. China released there digital currency in May straight after there supposed worst virus to overthrow the US dollar, now that’s tin foil hat time or is it..the Truth is stranger than fiction.




Ok, time to buy tons of Stellar




Crypto Ken
Sooooooo. If this isnt the US’s plan then it should be. Damn dude. You just laid out how they could take over the currencies of the world with little to no effort.


Peter Pan
If you haven’t given a thumbs up and subscribed after watching an upload like this, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. 👍 Superb information….. again!!






Metal Bum
Bitcoin is the stable coin that stabley goes up




Cbdc’s will allow The FED to lower interest rates to the lowest decimal. Thanks For The Analyst, Personal financial adviser Guy. ;P




Eugene Niel
With the emergence of CBDCs and stablecoins platforms that support digital asset creation will be the next big movers. XLM and VELO support Digital Credit Issuance and are working towards mass adoption. Velo is also decentralizing credit and loans in SE Asia and is backed by the CP Group. There’s a lot of upside in this sector and keep an eye on what projects like XLM, RSR, TERRA, and VELO do over the next 12 months.

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Silvio Micali (Algorand founder) has connections to the FED though MIT CSAIL and MIT DCI. For instance, Gary Gensler and Simon Johnson will be serving Biden in creating financial policy; both have close ties to Silvio. Algorand has the technology and connections. Algorand is tokenizing gold, real estate and stocks. It already has USDC and the Marshall Islands SOV. It’s the biggest player in the digital dollar game.




Oscar Lundqvist
“Those lanky vegan devs” hahaha




R James
PayPal, Bitcoin Eth and Litecoin event on its way, Thanksgiving 🍰🍹rally could soon be in play. ‘Enjoy the highs, gobble up the lows’




This is one of your best vids!




Miroslav Klika
Question: If this Stellar speculation comes true, could it have a positive effect on XLM price? 🤑 I mean, of course it could because of the speculation itself. What I mean, this potential cbdc on Stellar and XLM woulden’t have any relation, would it?




Phil Spunkt
europe seems to flirt with iota heavily. if they get their protocol working and getting used as the underlying layer for the euro cbdc it could be more than competition




Since no one mentioned it, I would like to bring into your attention the cryptocurrency ‘Akoin’, based on Stellar infrastructure.I think it might build some ideas on the issue. Cheers




Simon Jones
What about this. .foil hats on please…satoshi is a cia manufactured meme. Bitcoin is a scam to pull in sceptics into crypto making cbdc more palatable.




Facts Matter
This is the best video on youtube. I’ve had the exact same ideas you shared on this video for quite a while now. Most people think I don’t know what I am talking about so I’ll share this video with details much better than what i did. .Thank you for this




Shifty Perspective
Loving these videos. Small touches of deadpan humour, no bullshit and to the point info. Keep it up!


I think the US is waiting to see how the DCEP and other CBDCs perform. Sometimes being last is best (you learn from others’ mistakes). I think there will be a retail CBDC issued via UBI in the US and a separate wholesale CBDC for cross-border payments. Which comes first? I reckon wholesale. Good news for XRP/QNT/XDC/XLM? hmmmm…




Travis Trades
Why would anyone use USDC if it’s backed by the same deflationary asset every investor is trying to get away from.. the US dollar🤦🏻‍♂️




This and the future regulations of crypto currencies is THE questions the coming year.




Jared Burt
Excellent speculation with strong facts to consider. Much thanks Bureau.




Great speculations 🙂 I will have to look into these matters further. Have a look at $NDAU, they have a platform #Oneiro that can create CBDCs for Central Banks. This would be most beneficial for developing countries.




kevin w. weiser
Mate, you are the best. Excellent insight (mostly over my head) spiced with a wicked sense of humour. Who could ask for more? Thank you for your very insightful work…much appreciated.




revelations abound. the implications are biblical. thank you for your research. im also wearing the foil hat




MachTwo Egrin
Great reporting Guy, Tin foil at the ready🤩Thanks


Dicky Pereira
I enjoy your channel. You do great investigation to all your topics. I would really love if you did one on ERG. Ergo is a great POW protocol working on NFT Contracts. They also just partnered with CARDANO. A big potential. Please have a look and love your take on it.




Charlike Mike Reagent
That’s why don’t see any difference between CBDCs and stablecoins/ripple/steller. Transactions are instant, it’s borderless, it’s unified. Fixes a ton of problems with the current system, but still it’s not what crypto is. For decades we use “digital money” already, it’s just some digits and some debt. It proved inefficient exactly because of the fucking framework of regulations and laws. An old and broken system trying to fit with a new tech, it’s absurd.




marxx warxrp
XML is the chosen one..KVT token the future monetary system backed by gold,silver,crypto and fiat was powered by stellar blockchain.




Insanely good content/attention to detail. Major props, sir.




Rob Welte
Wouldn’t the economics for stellar be the same as you spoke about regarding XRP and why it wouldn’t be profitable (billions of tokens would need trillions of market cap?)




ghassan M
Doing it now will surely expose where all that tax money goes. Spot on mate




Another informative and interesting video, Guy, thanks. With your increasing coverage of CBDCs, I was just wondering what your take on the Cypherium project is?




Damian Sloper
Looking forward to part 3. Thanks Guy.




Jason Doe
VERY insightful video merging international political workings with crypto developments. Well balanced, unbiased and thoroughly researched! I am curious if perhaps you can make a speculative video as to how CBDC development will likely interact with DeFi protocols which are presntly exploding, and oppositional in approach and financial goals as you alluded to briefly in this video. I would speculate that governments worldwide would somehow work to delegitimize/outlaw trustless/decentralized systems.




Dave Holbert
Great content keep it coming, facts you talk




Din Joekhannaz
Orwellian or Freedoom? guys, we must educate the masses to resist gov related crypto coins.




pete james
A bit off topic I know sorry, but do you know of anything like I trust capital In the UK thanks for any help 🇬🇧




saksham Ganeriwala
Hey you gotta check SPARKPOINT




Heading in to Chico Crypto territory right here 🤣🤣🤣




$AMPL is now ready for another moonshot soon stable above $1.3 it might easily reach $2 soon better accumulate while still cheap on #MXC_Exchange!




Darren MooreJr
First time viewer. Great work!!! I like the style of your channel!


Ivan Beacon
Are high ethereum gas fees killing snx? MINTR fee to claim my 1st .23 susd is $12 so whats the point?




Bitcoin Engineer
This is one of the best video made from a best YouTuber !




David Vargas
And here I thought XRP was the Conspiracy coin.




David VDC
Excellent video, Guy! Keep up the good work!




Averian Collins
Bravo 👏🏾 Well done, Guy!




Vanessa Gonzalez
Hi Guy! Thank you for all the valuable information! I am new to the crypto-sphere, but eager to dive deep. Could I ask for some advice: what exchanges would you recommend to start, in terms of ease-of-use, security, fees,…? Thanks kindly!




Josh Raywalt
Excellent video, man. I love your channel!




amazing content!




Ibrahim Kochbati
When to review DIA ?




Hi mate, thanks for this interesting & worthwhile exercise. One important question I’d love to get your view on: Since we’re speculating here, don’t you think that XRP could play a major role in this constellation, as a needed bridge currency to smooth/speed/cheapen crossborder CBDC (and other) transfers? Thanks and keep up the GREAT work squire




Ali S-Asl
Most handsome Crypto guy on the planet


Neville Carpenter
Guy that was a brilliant watch…would it make XLM more valuable?.




Always suspected Stellar is a Fed project.




I’d been thinking what you just said since it was announced the fed may be collaborating with a private company on a CBDC. I think it may be a savvy move to own some of the native currency of any platform USDC is released on (Ethereum, Stellar, Algorand, and Solana so far)




Sean Original
Incredible video. Thank you




Hey Guy, do you know anything about cryptotab browser?




Haq ishy
Fascinating information! I love daomaker please don’t corrupt it!




Crypto Dog trader
Wow, Thank you.




Caterina Lorenzo-Molo
So the Fed wins again?! Noooo!!!!!!




Thanks Guy !!




US is screwed if they adapted this technology and they are screwed if they don’t! 🤭




Nino's Portal
What does it mean for the speculative price of XLM if USDC is used on Stellar?




Vin O.
Thanks, Guy




FAB-IT Solutions™
I used to be Stellar proponent but they just didn’t really make it. Although I always had a feeling they have something hidden up their sleeves as they just don’t show any interest in public and advertising.




Ricardo Fernando
Enable subtitles in the video, please. You are very assisted outside your country. Kind regards.




David Molina
This is gold content! Keep doing this good job mate!




FAB-IT Solutions™
Very special episode. Thanks very much!




Ja Bostock
Hi Guy, that was a great video! Very much appreciated. I’m relatively new to this technology and you have been a great help. I have a question that may sound silly but can you please explain why they are called stable coins when they are pegged to a fiat currency that is far from stable? If the fed are going to run with the usdc how will it be any different? What makes it any different from paper fiat apart from the fact it is digital? Many thanks

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Danny Robin
Bitcoin is the future Investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise.




Jude N
Guy keep up the good honest research you are number 1 in the research and analysis space.






Pat Patterson
Do you have a video about the best downloadable wallets?




DJ Aiwas
Some fanatics have been saying this about XLM/XRP for years




Walt L
Can you make a video on using Binance Chain network to withdraw crypto into Ledger device for cold storage? Novice user here. Just attracted by the low fees.




JP Schwieterman
ETH 2.0 will be the blockchain that houses USDC, Guy.




Sam S
My hat is solid copper! I’m working on a solid silver one but I haven’t shredded enough E-waste.




$BNF 300k mcap Sustainable liquidity pools AI managed




Yin Yang
Is there any point of any decentralize crypto stable coin or bitcoin back by fiat currency which can print by the governments? The only true decentralize crypto currency that can take over any fiat currencies that can become the world reserve currency is the one that back by real gold period and only gold can exchange this crypto currency, any thing else are just fake rubbish even bitcoin.




Charlike Mike Reagent
They basically can’t comprehend what’s the core values behind “crypto” and why people stand behind it, and why people should care.




ALGO and ETH = U.S. CBDC networks?




Please use LBRY. Its a decentralized video platform that allows earning crypto. Youtube is too compromising.




Can you do a video reviewing BriFitDance?




Very thought provoking. Watched twice. If your speculation comes true, what does that do for the tokenomics of stellar? It will be interesting to see how world geopolitics evolves in the crypto sphere in the coming years…




Could this potentially raise the price of Stellar’s Lumens or is that separate?






Thanks for sharing you thoughts!




Excellent content sir, thank you and take Care.




Interesting, I wonder if I should be buying USDC when the dollar index is low and selling high, who knows that might be what they’re doing too




Ha. Steller would prove worse than Ripple and the rest. Hm.




This is such a great video. I have been saying I think USDC will evolve into America’s CBDC for many months in YT comment sections. It seems like the obvious strategy to me, why reinvent the wheel? Just like today, I think USDC will exist on multiple blockchains.


Great job 👌




Do the Nexus [NXS] video




Thank You Guy




Amazing video !!!!




thumbs up for the work